• Enhance ball manipulation
  • Express creativity
  • Improve footwork/first touch/passing
  • Increase speed of thought and play

Improving individual passing, first touch, footwork, creativity, and speed of play.  Players will be encouraged to perform skills at a quicker tempo which will equip players with skills to be better with ball at their feet.Tactical Development- is improving a players decision making or mobility between multiple positions in training/games to gain an advantage over opposing teams.


Strategic Development - refers to the way athletes play, where they should be in relation to where the ball is.  

Tactical Development-  is about applying different ways of gaining an advantage over an opponent. Player mobility amongst two or three  positions.

Strategic and tactical development is based on:

Technical Efficiency: Players using the correct technique depending on the circumstances. Space/ pressure from opposition.

Understanding: Players need to know what will be required of them in their positions. 

Awareness: Players cognisant of surroundings so that they can use the correct technique for individual and team success. 

Skill execution: Training needs to replicate game like scenarios to ensure that a player can execute the skill when in a game. Initially it is good to learn new skills without the added pressure of having defence. Once the skill is mastered, defence needs to be added to ensure maximal opportunity for growth.


Focuses on the young players introduction to football, then the construction/steps needed to become a complete player. Players realizing the extras they must do outside of our training. 

Complete Player: One who is physically, technically, and tactically sound. One has to be also mentally resilient and prepared for the difficult times in football.

Injury Prevention: Exercises to promote strengthening and mobility with mandatory stretching with mini bands. Players continuing to get stronger and prevent injuries.

Safe and Inspiring Environment: Coaches welcoming their young players at every practice session with excitement, and passion. Making our players feel important, loved, and valued the moment they show up to the field creates trust. To that end, create practices with laughter, smiles, and high-fives. The mental side of player development begins with providing your players with great care and putting them in an environment where they feel safe, pumped up to play, and welcomed.

Promoting free play and creative thinking: Open small sized play is an excellent way to ensure young players run around uncoached and give them a break from the structured, rehearsed tactical drills. Some of us grew up paying football in our neighborhoods more then we did at our clubs. Parents can arrange weekly pick-up games in the neighborhood, or the team getting together outside of training to play would only benefit our young players. 1v1/2v1/1v2/2v2 games will only enhance player development. 

Equal Playing time: Clubs giving equal playing time. Game play is the best way for players to develop quickly. When players are on the field playing they are learning how to problem-solve, move, sprint, make mistakes, apply their skills, and more.

Don’t focus on wins and losses: Players, coaches, and parents shouldn’t focus on if their team wins or loses throughout the season. It is more enjoyable to see a player improve from the beginning of the season to the end. Their technique, awareness, and understanding had to be the focus in development of players.


When building a curriculum the focus has to be based on meeting the needs of the players in a way that ensures the material is understood, maintained, and applied off and on the field. 

VISION: Technical Director must have a vision of what is needed for each player to enjoy, build self esteem, and develop in the game of football. 

MISSION: What does the Technical Director want the mission of the club to be. Develop elite players, be a safe fun environment for children to come and exercise.  

GOALS: Setting short term and long term goals. Where do we want our players to be in the next three months. Where do want to be as a club in the next five years.  

STRATEGY: Technical Director must plan how he is going to achieve his task to develop individual players, and team. Structure of technical/ tactical sessions, injury prevention, coaches, number of sessions, etc… 

ACTION PLAN: Sequence of steps that are going to have to be done, or activities that have to be performed well in order for us to create a standard and achieve success in the development of our players.