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Bascome Football Company club management offers:

  • Season Planning
  • Coach Evaluation
  • TD Training Plans and Schedules
  • Player Assessment
  • Infrastructure Assessment
  • Recommendations
  • Parent Manuals
  • Player Manuals
  • Club Admin
  • Player Registration

Bascome Football Company manages clubs and takes pride supporting the growth of each club. We make sure each club we manage receives tools that will support their mission, goals and objectives. It is very important that any club Bascome Football Company manages understands our developed structure comes with a timeline which will depend on their needs and their current club structure. Below will give you an idea of our 5 phase process.

  1. Phase 1 – Meet with club and their respective board and have a shared vision conversation about their needs
  2. Phase 2 – Evaluate the clubs structure already in place.
  3. Phase 3 – After review of structure we then build supporting areas that will make the club sustainable
  4. Phase 4 – Present proposal to club
  5. Phase 5 – Once approved, start the development of the club
    • Purpose – how club will function 
    • Vision – direction of club
    • Develop ideas – programs club will support, curriculum, standards etc 
    • Structure of ideas – needs, objectives, goals and outcomes
    • Next Steps and Action planning – build timelines, observations process and design strategical planning model.

Current Clubs Managed by Bascome Football Company :

Past clients: Next Generation FC, NVCC, Robin Hood, X-roads and Boulevard